Python 1200 Industrial Bud Trimmer

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  • Simple and long-lasting design


  • Quick to set up and operate


  • Quiet and easy to maintain


  • Trims 1,200 lbs per hour



  • Features gentle bladeless technology





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The best industrial tumbler for effectively trimming large volumes of product. This bladeless industrial hemp trimmer is our largest capacity trimmer, processing 1,200 lbs per hour of dry flower—fast, gently, and efficiently.

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If you’re a large grower or processor, you need the Python 1200 industrial hemp trimmer. This industrial trimmer is your go-to solution when you want to improve productivity, cut labor costs up to 60%, and grow your business. With its stainless steel tumbling chamber and bud chute and heavy-duty industrial motor, the Python 1200 industrial tumbler is designed to deliver superior performance for years to come.

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