General Organics Bio Marine Quart

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General Organics BioMarine Quart

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Bio Marine 2-3-1 

by General Organics 


What is it?:  Bio Marine is an all organic fertilizer derived from cold-processed enzymatically digested fish and squid protein. It can be used from seedling to harvest on all plants. Bio Marine can be used with or without other fertilizers. 


How to use it: 

For a light feeding add 2 teaspoons per gallon of water.

For a heavy feeding add 4 teaspoons per gallon of water..   


How it works:  Uses the essential oils and nutrients derived to encourage rapid growth and improve color. It also increases plants' resistance to pests, stimulates microbiology that improves soil integrity, and supports healthy growth. Bio Marine encourages beneficial microbes for better roots, stems, foliage, flowers, and fruits.


Extra notes from DAN: With a moderate N-P-K, Bio Marine could also be used as an effective and all natural base nutrient during most stages. To do so, you would need to maintain heavy feeding, and may want to consider a cal-mag supplement as this might be a bit shy in cal-mag when compared to most other base nutrients. This product sets itself apart from more traditional fish based products by the addition of cold processed squid.

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